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The nordic world needs you!

Go on an adventure to save the sacred tree Yggdrasil!
The frost giants have frozen Hvergelmir, the spring to all rivers. But Yggdrasil needs water to survive and thrive. You must restore Hvergelmir and the flow of water in the world.

On your adventure you must traverse the fiery world of Muspellsheim to aquire fire, and the freezing peeks of Niflheim to melt Hvergelmir and save the world!


Ares Özen: 3D-Artist & Texturing

Nicolas Dalmer: Animation Artist & 3D Artist

Franka Roussel: 3D Artist & VFX Programming

Paul Meyer: Lead Programmer

Simeon Gerchev: 2D and Concept Artist & User Interface

Laura Poppek: 2D and Concept Artist & Sound Effects

A special thanks to our sound designers who composed our soundtrack:

Andreas Buhs: Sound Design

Stefan Gores: Sound Design

Xenia Metzger: Sound Design


WASD - Movement

Space - Jump

Shift - Sprint

E - Interact

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsPouvz, EsTanzt, Ares_00, LinneaEvy - Franka Roussel
Tagsmythology, Stealth


Yggdrasil.zip 313 MB


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Bestes Games was ich jemals gespielt habe. Dieses Spiel hat mich innerlich so sehr erfüllt, dass ich sofort wie ein junges Reh rausgehüpft bin und Menschen umarmt habe :) 


Kann ich nur zustimmen